Why Do We Care About the Hayley Williams TwitPic?

Celebrity News: Hayley Williams, source wikimedia

If you have never heard of Hayley Williams, don't be embarrassed. She is the lead singer for Paramore. She is extra famous today because of a topless photograph that was tweeted using her Twitter account...

She claims that someone hacked her account. There is some speculation by other Twitter users that Hayley may have posted the pic herself as a publicity stunt.

Celebrities have been the victims of Twitter hacking in the past. When this is done by an anonymous hacker, they typically post wildly inappropriate statements. A hacker cannot create a topless picture of a celebrity out of thin air. Celebrities and regular people occasionally have their trust betrayed by someone who received intimate photographs through a private medium. This may be the case with Hayley Williams.

The photo was removed from the website TwitPic shortly after it was posted but not before it was tweeted to Hayley's 60,000 plus followers. This story is similar in some ways to the Miley Cyrus MySpace photo scandals from years ago. In those instances the Disney singer gained huge amounts of publicity.