Tea Cup Pigs


Micro pigs, or tea-cup pigs have become so popular in Britain that it is almost impossible to get hold of them. The craze for these miniature pet pigs is also sweeping US. At one time, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs were the thing to have but these little guys are quite remarkable.

The mini pigs grow to about 14 inches tall and they have become popular in particular among celebrities like Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint who plays the part of Ron Weasley.

When these mini pigs are born they weigh about nine ounces and would fit into a teacup and that's how they came to be nick-named 'tea cup pigs' and they live for about eighteen years.

According to the Telegraph (London), they are easy to house train and can use a litter tray and they don't need to be walked. If you have $1400 (£700) to spare, you can take your choice of colored tea-cup pigs.


Those pigs sure look amazing and if you're interested you can check some additional info on Daily Mail. Here are some facts that I've found interesting.
Pigs are highly wanted as pets for some strange reason. After those Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs the new hit are cuptea pigs. Indeed they are tiny, in fact when they are born they weight only 9oz and they are big as a cup of tea, but if you take good care of them they can grow up to your knees. Fully grown cuptea pig is 12 to 16 inches tall and it weights 40-65lb. One great thing about these pigs is that they can be tall like your Labrador dog but they won't give you or your children any allergies. Pigs, unlike cats or dogs have hair and similar skin to ours so if you're tired with allergies that you're getting from your furry pets, you might consider purchasing one of these pigs. They tend to be one of the most intelligent pets and in fact they are fourth most intelligent specie on Earth, right after humans, monkeys and dolphins. They are easy to grow and maintain, they are quiet and friendly but again if you want this intelligent and people loving pet you'll have to pay good money for it.