Snow in Florida?

tiny snowmenResidents of Florida, the Sunshine State, are experiencing a very rare event; snow flurries and sleet have been detected in the central areas of the state according to The Miami Herald and numerous sources. Key West has seen its coldest temperature in 112 years according to News 24. (This Key West record cold was just 47° F.)

St. Augustine, further north and fairly close to the Georgia border, has not seen snow since 1989 and has a 10% chance of snow flurries late this evening according to The St. Augustine Record.

Native Floridians tend to get very excited over the novelty of snow, because it is a very rare occurrence. Some local Viewers from Tampa's abc Action News sent in pictures to document the rare event.

Here are some videos from excited Floridians:

Florida's Citrus Industry
On a more serious note, cold weather that dips below freezing is always a concern to Florida's citrus growers. The $9.3 Billion annual crop is highly susceptible to freezing temperatures. Here at the, we like to keep our economic stories in perspective with the following graphic: