New Year's Eve, It's all about the food

Fondue served at a New Year's Eve Party

No matter what type of New Year's Eve party you are throwing, the most important item on your list should be the food. New Year's Eve party food is the most important item for any New Year's Eve party because if you serve the right food you can get people actively involved in your party. To get the maximum activity level from your party-goer friends you want to think through your menu carefully, choose foods that your friends will like, it will also get people gathered together and having fun.

One must have party food for New Year's Eve is fondue, whether it is a cheese fondue or a chocolate fondue. Fondue is a natural party food because it demands your guests to participate. In order to eat fondue you have to gather around the fondue pot and dip your food in and hope for the best. Fondue is a fun food because as you are dipping there is always the chance that your food is going to fall off your fork; at least one person does it every time. Other great types of party food are chips and dip or crackers and cheese. The key to the New Year's Eve party foods is to serve items that require guest involvement, but are also fun and entertaining.