Gary Coleman is Dead at 42

Celebrity News: Gary Coleman 1968-2010

Gary Coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage during a fall on May 26th and spent the last two days in critical condition in a Utah hospital. According to CNN Gary Coleman's death was pronounced today at 12:05pm MDT.

Gary Coleman was a child star of a hugely successful television series. His character, Arnold Jackson, was loved by a generation. Coleman's appearance and stature were the result of a kidney disease that impaired his health throughout his life.

Life after Different Strokes had not been easy for him. Roles in television and movies were infrequent and unsubstantial. The money that he had earned from the television show had been mismanaged by his parents. His personal life was plagued by legal troubles resulting from violent interactions. His three year marriage to Shannon Price ended earlier this year.

His costars on Different Strokes also found life difficult after their childhood fame. Dana Plato played his sister Kimberly. She committed suicide in 1999 after years of personal strife. Todd Bridges seems to have his life on track now but when his career as Arnold's Brother, Willis ended in the 80s, he succumbed to a world of drugs and violence culminating in a well publicized murder trial.